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CJKL Carnival Queen Pageant


The CJKL Carnival Queen Pageant ran from 1989-2017 in conjunction with the Kirkland Lake Winter Carnival. The pageant was open to young ladies ages 16-20 from the Kirkland Lake area, extending west to Matachewan, North to Sesekinika, East to Virginiatown and South to the South Wye.


2017 Contestants:

Jordyn Chartrand---Mama's

Allyson Demers---Dino's Pizzeria

Abbigail Keft---Emilie's Hairstyling & Spa

Sadie Fortier---MGI Collision & Auto Repair

Madison Lambert---Rotary Club of Kirkland Lake

Mckayla Wilson---Northern Bargains

Jacqueline Beaudoin---Goldbelt

Samantha Grenier---Dorothy's Flower Shop

Abbie Haskell---Richard & Chamaillard Law

Samantha Beaudoin---Federal Tavern

Chloe Doonan---Federal Variety

Ashley Hachey---Royal Canadian Legion Branch 87

Megan Taylor---Rosko Forestry Operations

Alisa Lavoie---Northern Freedom

Sabrina Tauvette---Rhythm & Motion Academy of Dance


Miss Kirkland Lake: Jordyn Chartrand

First Princess: Jacqueline Beaudoin

Second Princess: Allyson Demers

Miss Congeniality: Abbie Haskell


Events for the 2017 CJKL Carnival Queen Pageant ran throughout the months of January and February leading up to the crowning and fashion show on Thursday, February 16 in the Northern College Auditorium during Winter Carnival.

2016 Contestants:

Shannan Hickey---Federal Tavern

Emma Archer---Richard-Gorman & Associates

Sabrina Skalecki---Royal Canadian Legion Branch 87

Abbey Harvey---Dorothy's Flower Shop

Courtney Nylund---Canadian Tire

Monica Bordin---Smitty's Drive In

Lisa Krzeszowiec---Kabaret Charitable Foundation

Shaunna Rae-Blakely---Northern Bargains

Kristen Guild---Goldbelt

Hope Stanwick---Dino's Pizzeria

Taylor Scott---Rosko Forestry Operations

Jasmine Dubois---Pulse Dance Studio

Emilie Taylor---Mama's

Amber Cook---Rotary Club of Kirkland Lake

Julia Kalnins---Emilie's Hairstyling & Spa

Chloe Panko----Club Richelieu

2016 Queen & her Court

Miss Kirkland Lake: Chloe Panko

First Princess: Sabrina Skalecki

Second Princess: Abbey Harvey

Miss Congeniality: Abbey Harvey


2015 Contestants:

Sarah Penny---Northern Bargains

Alexa Morgan---Royal Canadian Legion Branch ‘87

Taylor Fraser---Valentina’s Salon & Spa

Sarah Wert---Law Office of Julie Richard-Gorman

Alyssa Simard---Dino’s Pizzeria

Christina McLean---Smitty’s Drive In

Rebecca Stockman---Pulse Dance Studio

Abigail Williams---Rosko Forestry Operations Inc.

Lexi Vautour---Elaine’s Hairstyling & Spa

Kelsey Porritt---Kabaret Charitable Foundation

Brooke Owens---Goldbelt

Megan Gray---Dorothy’s Flower Shop

Breanna Gordon---Mama’s

Alexandria Trahan---Tim Horton’s

Hailey Clarke---The Fed

Lea Facchin---Rotary Club of Kirkland Lake

2015 Queen & her Court

Miss Kirkland Lake: Christina McLean

First Princess: Sarah Wert

Second Princess: Brooke Owens

Miss Congeniality: Kelsey Porritt

2014 Contestants:

Randi Sayer-Royal Canadian Legion Branch 87

Robin Dickie -Tim Hortons

Christina Fortier-The Fed

Vienna Evans-Kabaret Charitable Foundation

Brooke Fecteau-Rotary Club of Kirkland lake

Brittany Gibson-Dino's Pizzeria

Jamie Gibson-Northern Bargains

Emily Stewart-Smitty's Drive In

Kayla Sabourin-Rosko Forestry

Meghan O'Brien-Mama's

Katrina Hass-Dorothy's Flower Shop

Katie Graham-Pulse Dance Studio

Cassie Brousseau-Elaine's Hairstyling & Spa

Hayley Webster-Valentina's Salon & Spa

Julie Studholme-Goldbelt

Darian Guimond-Gorman & Richard-Gorman

2014 Queen & her Court

Miss Kirkland Lake: Katrina Hass

First Princess: Julie Studholme

Second Princess: Jamie Gibson

Miss Congeniality: Brooke Fecteau

2013 Contestants:

Jessica Wert-Law Office of Julie Richard-Gorman

Holly Sutton-Royal Canadian Legion Branch 87

Christina Arsenault-Mama's

Carrie Davis-Elaine's Hairstyling & Spa

Paige Clarke-Paul Ayotte Insurance

Linda Ferguson-Tim Horton's

Kearston Bergeron-Valentina's Salon & Spa

Courtney Smith-Rosko Forestry Operations

Casey James-The Fed

Angie Bush-Kabaret Charitable Foundation

Kendra Porritt-Rotary Club of Kirkland lake

Vanessa Leveille-Dorothy's Flower Show

Kristine Leveille-Dino's Pizzeria

Casey Desjardins-Northern Bargains

Sammy Desjardins-Smitty's Drive In

2013 Queen & her Court

Miss Kirkland Lake: Carrie Davis

First Princess: Christina Arsenault

Second Princess: Jessica Wert

Miss Congeniality: Angie Bush

2012 Contestants:

Darian Allison-Civic Service Association

Cayla Anderson-Dorothy's Flower Shop

Danelle Messier-Federal Variety

Alexandra Rheaume-Dino's Pizzeria

Nicole Johnston-Tim Horton's

Scotia Potter–Goldbelt

Stephanie Steele-Smitty's Drive In

Samara Hachey-Mama's

Cora Croisier-Valentina's Salon & Spa

Kaylie LaCarte-Elaine's Hairstyling & Spa

Brooke Portelance-Paul Ayotte Insurance

Kelsey Boutin-Kabaret Charitable Foundation

Emily Smith-Royal Canadian Legion Br. 87

Dawn Larkman-Rotary Club

Laura Ek-Images by Body Beautiful

Taylor Rosko-Fong-Rosko Forestry


2012 Queen & her Court:

Miss Kirkland Lake: Darian Allison

First Princess: Danelle Messier

Second Princess: Stephanie Steele

Miss Congeniality: Alexandra Rheaume


2011 Contestants:

Karlee LaBerge-Rosko Forestry Operations

Bailey Kasner-Mama’s

Sarah Middlemiss-Civic Service Association

Alyssa Doxsee-Valentina’s

Melissa Gregory-Dino’s

Kay-Lynn Gavin-Elaine’s Hairstying & Spa

Liane Rivest-Goldbelt

Teresa Thompson-Smitty’s Drive In

Brittany Dubois-Body Beautiful

Alexandra Archer-Tim Horton’s

Kaitlyn Ouellette-Federal Variety

Stephanie Owen-Northern Bargains

Kiara Phippen-Paul Ayotte Insurance

Lauren Murdoch-RC Legion Branch 87

Samantha Schram-Kabaret Charitable Foundation


2011 Queen & her Court:

Miss Kirkland Lake: Alexandra Archer

First Princess: Sarah Middlemiss

Second Princess: Bailey Kasner

Miss Congeniality: Liane Rivest


2010 Contestants:

Erika-Lynn Marion-Despres Pacey Insurance

Kelsey Ducsharm-Kohut Electric Ltd

Valerie Sawyer-Red Door Spa

Rebeka Robin-Goldbelt

Brianna Barkell-Rotary Club of KL

Macy-Robyn Groulx-Kabaret Charitable Foundation

Connie Crosier-Rosko Forestry Operations

Stephanie Dell-Body Beautiful Laser Cosmetic

Jasmine Connelly-The Fed

Emma Wright-Elaine’s Hairstyling & Spa

Karleigh Middlemiss-Civic Service Association

Marlee Robazza-Mama’s

Kayley Sinclair-Tim Horton’s

Nadia Roy-Caldwell-Dino’s

Kaytlyn Swanson-Smitty’s

Natasha Fearnley-Katie Burtschenko, RMT


2010 Queen & her Court:

Miss Kirkland Lake: Valerie Sawyer

First Princess: Kayley Sinclair

Second Princess: Karleigh Middlemiss

Miss Congeniality: Brianna Barkell

2009 Contestants:

Stephanie Aitchison-Red Door Spa

Kristin Chodoriwsky-Body Beautiful

Lauren Obradovich-The Fed

Lyndsey Topliss-Goldblet

Stephanie Swiergosz-Northern News

Lianne Roberge-Northshore Outfitters

Allie Stevanovich-Legion Branch 87

Julia Davis-Mama’s

Kirsten Lamarche-Dr. Cynthia Young

Elise Belanger-Rosko Forestry

Robin Gardiner-KL Lions Club

Rachel Napier-Split Enz

Rachel Goard-KL Rotary Club

Lindsey Bruce-Kabaret Charitable Foundation

Kayleigh Burgess-Tim Hortons

Karen Joyner-Civic Service Association


2009 Queen & her Court:

Miss Kirkland Lake: Kayleigh Burgess

First Princess: Kristin Chodoriwsky

Second Princess: Lyndsey Topliss

Miss Congeniality: Kirsten Lamarche


2008 Contestants

Beth Doonan-Split Enz

Jessica Blanchette-Red Door Spa

Stephanie Gabriel-Mama’s

Kortni Cholette-KL Lions Club

Danielle Duchesne-Kabaret Foundation

Shelby-Lyn Bouckley-KL Rotary Club

Allisha Soucie-The Fed

Gina Rathwell-Legion Branch 87

Kelsey Moreau-Body Beautiful

Stefany Allison-Civic Service Association

Corey Crosier-Rosko Forestry

Erin Peters-Northshore Outfitters

Ashley Milford-McDonald’s Restaurant

Tasha Paul-Kar Enterprise

Rochelle Lambert-Kirkland Tire

Jeni Boutin-A-One Variety


2008 Queen & her Court:

Miss Kirkland Lake: Shelby-Lyn Bouckley

First Princess: Jessica Blancette

Second Princess: Danielle Duchesne

Miss Congeniality: Rochelle Lambert


2007 Contestants:

Micheline Desgagne-Rosko Forestry Operations

Sarah Napier-Split Enz

Amanda Bolger-Goldbelt Tire & Supply

Jessica Taylor-Legion Branch 87

Amber Porritt-Kabaret Foundation

Ginnie Antoniazzi-Civic Service Association

Natalie Chodorowski-Body Beautiful

Heather Walker-KL Lions Club

Jessica Connelly-KL Rotary Club

Ellen Joyner-McDonalds Restaurant

Stacy Robitaille-Red Door Spa

Natalie Lozeau-The Fed

Jenna McNaughton-Mama’s

Tina Richard-Cheminis Lumber

Krista Pearce-Job Connect


2007 Queen & her Court:

Miss Kirkland Lake: Natalie Chodorowski

First Princess: Ginnie Antoniazzi

Second Princess: Stacy Robitaille

Miss Congeniality: Jessica Connelly

2006 Contestants:

Malorie Surtees-Siemens Canada Limited

Jessica Moore-Body Beautiful

Emi Peckover-KL Rotary Club

Melissa Lang-Mama’s

Emillie Chamaillard-Exclusive Computers

Olivia MacDonald-Cheminis Lumber

Kelly Macnamara-Civic Service Association

Toni Laflair-Larder Lake Windsor

Samantha Brown-Guillevin International

Marisa McLenaghan- Split Enz

Jessica Parkman-Legion Branch 87

Rebecca Fong-Rosko Forestry

Anastacia Brunelle-McDonald’s Restaurant

Megan Rogers-KL Lions Club

Brittany Herd-Kabaret Charitable Foundation


2006 Queen & her Court:

Miss Kirkland Lake: Olivia MacDonald

First Princess: Melissa Lang

Second Princess: Kelly Macnamara

Miss Congeniality: Brittany Herd


2005 Contestants:

Sarah Bourque- Civic Service

Roxanne Gauthier-Legion Branch 87

Geneviève Roy-Sullivan’s Ladies Wear

Heather Wright-Rosko Forestry Operation

Brittany Kerr-Body Beautiful

Katie Burtschenko-Split Enz

Krystal Oviatt-Dave’s Independent Grocer

Carlee Wright-KL Rotary Club

Amanda Lachapelle-Exclusive Computers

Krista Rozon-Elaine’s Hairstyling & Spa

Megan Jean-Louis-McDonald’s Restaurant

Sarah Connolly-Guillevin International

Mel Zielkie-Larder Lake Windsor


2005 Queen & her Court:

Miss Kirkland Lake: Katie Burtschenko

First Princess: Krista Rozon

Second Princess: Amanda Lachapelle

Miss Congeniality: Megan Jean-Louis


2004 Contestants:

Stephanie Vucko-Dave’s Independent Grocer

Sandra Burtschenko-Legion Branch 87

Yvonne Séguin-McDonald’s Restaurant

Natasha Dombrowski-Club Fed

Jessica Horne-KL Rotary Club

Louise Asselin-Elaine’s Hairstyling & Spa

Meghan Turner-Dr. Cynthia Young

Kristin Gaston-Rosko Forestry

Stacie Bilton-Newmont Canada

Samantha Connolly-Guillevin International

Melissa Burnside-Wiggy’s Elite World

Renée Howey-Civic Service Association

Marrie Leigh Malciw-Cheminis Lumber

Melissa Antoniazzi-Kirkland Pharmacy

Shauna McDougall-Kabaret Charitable Foundation


2004 Queen & her Court:

Miss Kirkland Lake: Marrie Leigh Malciw

First Princess: Renée Howey

Second Princess: Natasha Dombrowski

Miss Congeniality: Stacie Bilton


2003 Contestants:

Ashley Porritt-Legion Branch 87

Melissa Lachapelle-Rosko Forestry

Stephanie Bougie-Cheminis Lumber

Kristy Klawitter-Dave’s YIG

Jenna MacIntyre-Lothian’s Pharmacy

Ginger Cozac-McDonald’s Restaurant

Amber Thorpe-Elaine’s Hairstyling & spa

Jasmine Spadetto-Lucy’s Skin & Nail Clinic

Jacqueline Bond-Kirkland Pharmacy

Ashley McDonald-KL Volunteer Fire Brigade

Britney Fong-Civic Service Association

Amanda Leclerc-Kabaret Charitable Foundation

Kara Emms-KL Lions Club

Tiffany Charbonneau-Club Richelieu


2003 Queen & her Court:

Miss Kirkland Lake: Melissa Lachapelle

First Princess: Kristy Klawitter

Second Princess: Britney Fong

Miss Congeniality: Melissa Lachapelle

2002 Contestants:

Melissa Brown-Kirkland Lake Lions Club

Nicole Gagnon-Teddy Bear Fashions

Margaret McTaggart-Kabaret Charitable Foundation

Ashley McKnight- Mama's

Tia Hansman-Weed Man

Lyndsay Hodgins-North Star Plumbing & Heating

Courtney Rouse-Chiropractic Health

Tonya Kelly-Barrick Gold Corporation

Tina MacDonald-KL Volunteer Fire Brigade

Erica Crouse- McDonald's

Sarah Mayhew-Sullivan's Ladies Wear

Trista Kalliomaki-KL Chamber of Commerce

Jennifer Burtschenko-Legion, Branch 87

Kristen Tyrer-Civic Service Association

Crystal Rae-KL Rotary Club


2002 Queen & her Court:

Miss Kirkland Lake: Margaret McTaggart

First Princess: Melissa Brown

Second Princess: Jennifer Burtschenko

Miss Congeniality: Margaret McTaggart


2001 Contestants:

Ashley Fortin-Civic Service Association

Christie Turgeon-Sullivan's Ladies Wear

Diane Morin-Kirkland Pharmacy

Jeanine Morin-KL Rotary Club

Jennifer Pervik-Tembec Sawmill

Shannon Renaud-K.L.C.V.I.

Amanda Bennett-Turner & Turner Transportation

Sheena Perrier-Club Richelieu

Katrina Coderre-Tembec Forestry

Kimberli Prince-Legion Branch 87

Rachel Renaud-KL Chamber of Commerce

Marilyne Labbe-KL Lions Club

Allanna St. Martin-Kabaret Charitable Foundation

Lyndsay McFadgen-Canadian Tire

Karen Schraeder-A-1 Taxi


2001 Queen & her Court:

Miss Kirkland Lake: Lyndsay McFadgen

First Princess: Christie Turgeon

Second Princess: Jeanine Morin

Miss Congeniality: Jeanine Morin


2000 Contestants:

Veronica Harwood-KL Lions Club

Angie Carter-Kabaret Charitable Foundation

Danielle Valliere-Civic Service Association

Amanda Gannon-Head to Toe Products & Services

Chatelaine Roy-KL Chamber of Commerce

Michelle Morneault-KL Club Richelieu

Gabrielle Lefebvre-Tembec Inc.

Stacy Fey-Barrick Gold Corporation

Amy Shaba-Sullivan's Ladies Wear

Kaley MacIntyre-Denco Equipment & Machining

Candace Renaud-The Jewel Box

Lyndsy Wojtus-Kirkland Pharmacy

Shari Brown-Club Fed

Deanna Leclerc-KL Firefighters Association


2000 Queen & her Court:

Miss Kirkland Lake: Celine Pullen

First Princess: Amanda Gannon

Second Princess: Lyndsy Wojtus

Miss Congeniality: Chatelaine Roy



1999 Contestants:

Amanda MacDougall-Kabaret Charitable Foundation

Natalie Dzambic-Beaudoin-The Jewel Box

Lorrie Savarie-KL Rotary Club

Cassandra Scott-Head to Toe Products & Services

Valerie Fowler-Dumas Independent Grocer

Candace Keefe- Tembec Inc

Amy Berube-Lutech Mechanical Consulting

Carrie Ann Bush-Legion Branch 87

Jessica Lynne Bowman-KL Lions Club

Winter Staples-KL Chamber of Commerce

Michelle Lauzon-Civic Service Association


1999 Queen & her Court:

Miss Kirkland Lake: Valerie Fowler

First Princess: Cassandra Scott

Second Princess: Natalie Dzambic-Beaudoin

Miss Congeniality: Candace Keefe


1998 Contestants:

Melissa Blum-Student's Council K.L.C.V.I

Lori Bodick-Civic Service Association

Carrie Bostrom-KL Lions Club

Jennifer Cambray-KL Chamber of Commerce

Lee Ann Cameron- Kabaret Charitable Foundation

Amanda Cox-Tembec

Amy Danchuk-Brodee J’s

Lisa DeLenardo-Rosko Forestry Operations

Erin Lake-KL Rotary Club

Nicole Leclerc-Club Richelieu

Sheri-Lynn Piche-A.C.T.

Christina Pullen-Canadian Tire

Mandy Roy-Legion Branch 87

Tammy Souriol-C.I.M.Centennial 1898-1998

Julia Spadetto-Northern College SAC


1998 Queen & her Court:

Miss Kirkland Lake: Christina Pullen

First Princess: Jennifer Cambray

Second Princess: Lisa DeLenardo

Miss Congeniality: Mandy Roy


1997 Contestants:

Melanie Breault-KL Chamber of Commerce

Lisa Chartrand-Club Richelieu

Miranda-May Deveau-Kabaret Charitable Foundation

Veronique Dorval-Kiwanis Club

Shannon Ede-Heath & Sherwood (1964) Ltd

Mandy Hnatuk- K.L.C.V.I.

Mandy Montague-K.L. Professional Firefighters

Melissa Morneault-KL Kinsmen Club

Megan Mullins-KL Rotary Club

Mandy Orth-Civic Service Association

Alicia Lynn Saar-Malette Kirkland Lake

Jennifer Smallwood-ACT

Tina Marie Trudel-KL Lions Club

Kaarina Wilson-Legion Branch 87


1997 Queen & her Court:

Miss Kirkland Lake: Veronique Dorval

First Princess: Jennifer Smallwood

Second Princess: Mandy Montague

Miss Congeniality: Veronique Dorval

1996 Contestants:

Rebecca Birch-KL Kinsmen Club

Patricia Boutin-Barrick Golf

Loralei Brideau-KL Lions Club

Leah Briere-KL Chamber of Commerce

Melanie Brisson-KL Rotary Club

Kristine Emms- Kabaret Charitable Foundation

Claire Gauthier-Civic Service Association

Lynn Girbig-K.L.C.V.I.

Melina Gravel-Club Richelieu

Rochelle Landry-Heath & Sherwood (1964) Ltd

Tracey Niemi- Denco Equipment & Machining

Elaine Reddick-Loyal Order of Moose

Casey Smith-Legion Branch 87

Shannon Smith-ACT


1996 Queen & her Court:

Miss Kirkland Lake: Claire Gauthier

First Princess: Melanie Brisson

Second Princess: Shannon Smith

Miss Congeniality: Loralei Brideau

1995 Contestants:

Dina Carter-Richelieu Club

Dawn Duchene-Kabaret Charitable Foundation

Kerry Gorman-Legion Branch 87

Corrina Hayward-Loyal Order of Moose

Terri-Lynn Hoskins-Civic Service Association

Josee Merrick-KL Kinsmen Club

Sarah Rorison-KL Rotary Club

Kerri Ross-Chaput Hughes Lions Club

Jennifer Russell- K.L. Lions Club

Lori Stabryla-K.L.C.V.I.

Francine Trottier-A.C.T.


1995 Queen & her Court:

Miss Kirkland Lake: Francine Trottier

First Princess: Kerri Ross

Second Princess: Dina Carter

Miss Congeniality: Jennifer Russell


1994 Contestants:

Barb Anderson-Civic Service Association

Daphne Armstrong-Richelieu Club

Sherry Barker- Kabaret Charitable Foundation

Erin Callin-K.L Professional Fire Fighters

Sonya Gauthier-Chevalier De Colomb, Conseil 7906

Julianne Harvey-Loyal Order of Moose

Jennifer Ivanov-A.C.T.

Kimberly Leclerc-K.L.C.V.I. Student Council

Johanne Mathieu-KL Chamber of Commerce

Angie McClinchey-KL Kiwanis Club

Chanda Nadon-Chaput Hughes Lions Club

Angie Rozon-Legion Branch 87

Mandy Smith-KL Kinsmen Club

Brandie Strojny-KL Rotary Club

Shannon Sullivan-KL Lions Club


1994 Queen & her Court:

Miss Kirkland Lake: Brandie Strojny

First Princess: Daphne Armstrong

Second Princess: Angie McClinchey

Miss Congeniality: Kimberly Leclerc


1993 Contestants:

Mandy Aube-K.L. Chamber of Commerce

Annick Baldwin-Richelieu Club

Laura Blum-Kabaret Charitable Foundation

Tanis Bukowski-Civic Service Association

Lisa Ann Bodick-Chaput Hughes Lions Club

April Bradley-KL Lions Club

Melissa Brookfield-KL Kiwanis Club

Amber Bodick-KL Rotary Club

Jody Leigh Danis-Loyal Order of Moose

Christine Haskins-KL Kinsmen Club

Angela Mayhew-KL Professional Fire Fighters

Lissa Perron-A.C.T.

Kerry Pochopsky-K.L.C.V.I. Student Council

Natalie Roy-Chevalier De Colomb, Conseil 7906

Jane Watson-Legion Branch 87


1993 Queen & her Court:

Miss Kirkland Lake: Melissa Brookfield

First Princess: Angela Mayhew

Second Princess: Kerry Pochopsky

Miss Congeniality: Tanis Bukowski

Miss Northern Ontario: Melissa Brookfield


1992 Contestants:

Tina Augustin-KL Rotary Club

Sylvia Boire-K.L.C.V.I. Student Council

Renee Bougie-A.C.T.

Angel Caisse-KL Chamber of Commerce

Angela Desjardins-KL Kiwanis Club

Carol Firlotte-Loyal Order of the Moose

Caroline Harvey-Richelieu Club

Nicole Hebert-Chevalier De Colomb, Conseil 7906

Megan Leslie-Legion 87’s Hockey Club

Annette Manary-Legion Branch 87

Aimee Morrison- Knights of Columbus, Council 2748

Natalie Mullins-Chaput Hughes Lions Club

Sylvie Perreault-KL Lions Club

Terri Anne Pitt-Civic Service Association

Judith Selman-KL Kinsmen Club


1992 Queen & her Court:

Miss Kirkland Lake: Caroline Harvey

First Princess: Natalie Mullins

Second Princess: Judith Selman

Miss Congeniality: Sylvie Perreault

1991 Contestants:

Tammy Bell-Kabaret Charitable Foundation

Penny Cassidy-K.L.C.V.I. Student Council

Tracy Kelly-K.L. Chamber of Commerce

Tracy Lalande-Beta Sigma Phi

Ginette Lamarche-KL Lions Club

Diane Landry-KL Kiwanis Club

Tammy Levesque-Richelieu Club

Sandra Marchand-A.C.T.

Tanya McNabb-KL Kinsmen Club

Shannon Pitt-Civic Service Association

Gaye Rowe-Loyal Order of Moose

Dawn Smith-Legion Branch 87

Shannon Smith-Italo Canadian Club

Brandy Winter-Chaput Hughes Lions Club

Terina Wnuk-KL Rotary Club


1991 Queen & her Court:

Miss Kirkland Lake: Diane Landry

First Princess: Tammy Bell

Second Princess: Gaye Rowe

Miss Congeniality: Diane Landry

1990 Contestants:

Rhonda Arbuckle-K.L.C.V.I. Student Council

Sonya Carisse-K.L. Chamber of Commerce

Cassandra Green-Chaput Hughes Lions Club

Joanne Guindon-A.C.T.

Denise Harvey-Legion Branch 87

Tammy Jackson-Loyal Order of Moose

Dana James-Beta Sigma Phi

Julie Joliat-Richelieu Club

Kristina Klaas-KL Kiwanis Club

Rachel Labonte-Kabaret Charitable Foundation

Caroline Mathieu-KL Rotary Club

Charlotte Monteith-K.L. Lions Club

Wendy Sedgwick-Italo Canadian Club

Vivienne Smith-Civic Service Association


1990 Queen & her Court:

Miss Kirkland Lake: Kristina Klaas

First Princess: Charlotte Monteith

Second Princess: Julie Joliat

Miss Congeniality: Charlotte Monteith

Miss Northern Ontario: Kristina Klaas

1989 Contestants:

Paula Anderson-Loyal Order of Moose

Michele Barrette-Chaput Hughes Lions Club

Tracy Delenardo-Civic Service Association

Rhonda Goodman-KL Kinsmen Club

Liz Guillemette-KL Chamber of Commerce

Pamela Hamel-Beta Sigma Phi

Jewel James-KL Volunteer Fire Brigade

Regine Lacocq-KL Rotary Club

Pamela Little-KL Kiwanis Club

Nadine Metson-Richelieu Club

Laura Mcklow-Italo Canadian Club

Stephany Pardoen-KL Lions Club

Tracy Pitt-Kabaret Charitable Foundation

Rhonda Smith-Kirkland & District Fish & Game

Chantel Vermette-Legion Branch 87


1989 Queen & her Court:

Miss Kirkland Lake: Rhonda Smith

First Princess: Liz Guillemette

Second Princess: Regine Lacocq

Miss Congeniality: Regine Lacocq

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