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The History of CJKL

CJKL hit the airwaves on March 30, 1934 at 6:30 pm. The station was owned by Lord Roy H. Thomson of Fleet. CJKL broadcast on a frequency of 1310 kHz with 100 watts of power. The original studios were in the R & A Trussler Building at Duncan Avenue and Government Road.

In 1939, CJKL moved to 560 kHz and increased its power to 1,000 watts. Future billionaire Jack Kent Cooke became general manager.

In the summer of 1967, CJKL's sister station, CJTT in New Liskeard, went on the air. Initially, CJTT was a repeater of CJKL's broadcast before gradually adding its own live programming.

In 1972, The Thomson family sold Northern Broadcasting including CJKL & CJTT to J. Irving Zucker and Jack Schoone of Eastern Broadcasting. In 1979, veteran broadcaster Bob Ancell purchased the stations.

The Connelly Family became partners with Ancell in 1983 before purchasing the stations outright in 1985 and moving the studios from Hudson Bay Avenue to their current location at 5 Kirkland Street.

In the 1980's, CJKL introduced several longtime community programs including:

CJKL Christmas Wish (1986)

CJKL Citizen of the Year & Lifetime Achievement Awards (1988)

CJKL Carnival Queen Pageant (1989)

In the summer of 1999, CJKL moved from 560 AM to 101.5 FM with an effective radiated power of 23,000 watts.

CJKL FM's format features a mix of current hits and classic songs. In addition to providing local news & sports, the station offers national updates from the Canadian Press.


The syndicated programs American Top 40 Countdown with Ryan Seacrest & Country Top 40 Countdown with Bob Kingsley are part of the station's weekend programming.

CJKL FM in Kirkland Lake & CJTT FM in Temiskaming Shores are owned by Connelly Communications and are two of few remaining family-owned radio stations in Northern Ontario.

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