CJKL FM’s Christmas Wish

updated: December 24, 2019

2019 is the 34th year for the CJKL Christmas Wish program, which provides gifts of new clothing & toys to less fortunate children in our area.

APPLICATION: The deadline to submit applications is Friday, November 29, 2019 at 4:30 pm

DOWNLOAD: 2019 CJKL Christmas Wish application form HERE


Cheques are payable to:

CJKL Christmas Wish

P.O. Box 430

Kirkland Lake, Ontario

P2N 3J4

DONATE: by Credit Card here

CONTACT: Christmas Wish by email here

2019 Christmas Wish Helpers:

Allison & Glenn Whyte

Amanda & Mark Roy

Arianna Campbell

Athena  LaCarte

Bethany Stockman

Baylee Guimond (see below)

Beer Store

Betty Ann Leduc

Bev Hachey

Brennan Bailey

Brian Hamilton

Calleigh Thompson

Capturing the Moment Photography

Casey Owens

Cedar & Sage

Cindy Davis-Maille

Corina LaCarte

Corporation of the Town of KL

Crema Enterprise

Crosier Family (see below)

Danielle Doyon 

Danny Disano

Dave & Debbie Bolger

Dave & Maureen Thompson

Dave Hachey

Deanna MacDonald

Deborah Hutchison (see below)

Debbie Klawitter

Diana McNamara
Diana Scott

Dolly Dikens

Don Larose

Ecole Secondaire Jean-Vanier

Emilie Chamaillard

Emily & Shelby Romain

Fern Canbray

Francine Archer

Gabriel Marecki

Glenna Johnston

Gwendilyn Pollock

Heath & Sherwood Limited

J.R. Brookfield Dentistry

Jannique Lacoste

Jen Rosko

Jim & Marie Naylor

Joanne Gorzalczynski

John Tait

John & Ria Vanthof

Johnny Dodge

Joyce & Len Fraser

Justin Allison

Kaitlyn Maille

Kelly Davis

Kirkland Lake Sparks

KL Family Health Team

Larry & Elizabeth Hillman

Leeza Connor (see below)

Linda Siemon

Lindsay Vine (see below)

Liz Robazza
Maddie Sinclair
Madeline Sequin

Marilyn & William Reeves

Marlene Middlemiss

Marja & Tom Wakeford

Marjarie Harvey

Marlee & Danny Pajunen

Mike Poulin

Matt Schofield

Nicole Sampson

Northern Credit Union

Peggy & John Lutecki

Peter & Helen Forcellini

Raymond & Janice Viskovich

Rhian Sinclair

Robert & Joann Ducharme

Roger & Rejeanne Oblin
Samara Hachey

Sandy Larose

Sandra & Carlo Dal Pai

Sean McGonigal

Sharon & Sandra Allen

Sherry Faulker

Sydney Sinclair

St. Jerome School-Mrs Orth's Grade 3 Class

Stephanie Sinclair
Tash Graham

Terry & Pauline Fiset

Therese & Hugh Weir

Tina Savarie

Tom & Kathy O’Bradovich

Tracey Barkell

Tracy Ryan

United Steelworkers Local 2020

Vern Davis

Victoria Gorman

Wayne & Linda Antoniazzi

Wayne & Regina Connelly

William Ball

XKL Alumni Fund

In May of 2019, $2958 was raised for the Christmas Wish in memory of Miles Vine, Diane Dion, Bob Hutchison, Anita Guimond and Bill Enouy. Runners taking part in the fundraising marathon/half marathon were Lindsay Vine, Deborah Hutchison, Baylee Guimond, Leeza Connor and Paul, Lorie, Corey & Mitch Croiser.

2018 Christmas Wish: our thank you list of supporters from 2018 is available: HERE

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P.O. Box 430

Kirkland Lake, Ontario

P2N 3J4


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