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Media release: April 19, 2024


Advocates for Northern Animals has been named the 2023 CJKL Citizen of the Year. The volunteer organization saves and adopts over 300 animals each year in Kirkland Lake including cats and dogs, plus other small animals and amphibians.


Since its inception in 2012, the organization has grown with the help of dedicated members, volunteers, foster homes and through the tremendous support of the community of Kirkland Lake.


Advocates for Northern Animals provides sterilization and vaccines for the animals. Many of the animals are in poor condition when they enter the program and receive extensive medical care before being put up for adoption.


The organization’s ongoing fundraising efforts including bottle drives, walkathons, auctions, garage sales, bbq’s, donation jars, draws, plus donations of food and money from local families and businesses.


In 2023, Advocates for Northern Animals received an anonymous donation of $100,000 that is being used to provide sterilization at a reduced cost and to provide assistance to less fortunate local pet owners through the newly created pet food bank.


The Board of Directors includes: President Tracy Barbe, VP Olivia Lachapelle and Directors April Swanson, Melinda Selseotes-Robin, Tisha Mitchell, Jordan Ayres, Colette Carter, Ashley Swanson and Ronald Kramp.  


Volunteers include Laurie Lambert, Taylor Williams, Kim Fournier, Kaitlin Lafrance, Amanda Lessard, Raine Dupuis, Tasha Roxborough, Mel Altenbeck, Jackie Turcotte, Sarah Norton, Lauren Benoit, Mandy Laurilia, Kourtney Bell and Kelly Desjardins.


Advocates for Northern Animals will be presented the 2024 CJKL Citizen of the Year award during the morning show on CJKL FM on Thursday, April 25th.


Citizen of the Year &

Lifetime Achievement Awards


Nominations for the CJKL FM Citizen of the Year & Lifetime Achievement awards are open to the public between January 1-31.

The Selection Process:


A committee of local volunteers from the community selects the annual winner. These awards are intended to recognize volunteer efforts and should not be part of a paid position. Send detailed information on your candidate to the CJKL Citizen of the Year Award:

mail: P.O. Box 430, Kirkland Lake, P2N 3J4

drop off: 5 Kirkland Street weekdays between 8:30a-4:30p

email: here

CJKL Citizen of the Year Award Recipients:

For improving the quality of life for the people of Kirkland Lake

2023: Advocates for Northern Animals

2022: Todd Turner

2020: Frontline Workers

2019: Kirkland Lake 100th Anniversary Committee

2018: Kirkland Lake Gold

2017: Lorraine Kiely

2016: Kirkland Lake Swampdonkeys Basketball

2015: Kirkland Lake Festivals Committee Volunteers
2014: Kirkland Lake Rotary Club
2013: KL Gold Miners Jr A Hockey Club
2012: Ministry of Natural Resources

2011: Splash Park Committee

2010: Pat Gannon & Mary Ranta

2009: Conrad Messier

2008: Angela Chiasson-Fox

2007: Doug LaBerge

2006: Frog's Breath Volunteers

2005: Hockey Heritage North Volunteers

2004: Kirkland Lake Gold

2003: Judy Mortson

2002: Barbara Hobson

2001: Nora Barker

2000: Dave Bolger

1999: Rick Danis

1998: Joe Rosko

1997: Sister Georgina Grubb   

1996: Irene Pochopsky

1995: Barrick Gold Corporation

1994: Blue Diamond Anniversary Com.

1993: Albert Dinel

1992: Mary Ann Taylor

1991: Norm Connelly

1990: Winter Carnival Com.

1989: Eugene Ivanov
1988: KLCVI Reunion Committee

CJKL Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients:

For improving the quality of life for the people of Kirkland Lake over many years


Steve Cox

Kirkland Lake Arts Council

Bill Enouy

Alline Morash

Mike Guimond

Kenogami Spring Break Committee

Kabaret Charitable Foundation

Anna Giannakopoulos

Mary Nemcsok

Mike Leahy

Brian Culhane

Chuck Wallsten

Clancy Roswalka

Margaret Daugherty

Brian Hamilton

Carolyn MacKinnon

Ron Loach

Glenn Conrad

James Perry

Glenn Carter

Tom McClelland

Joe Mavrinac

Neil Culhane

Kaarine Evans

Hazel Joy

June Korhonen

Reg Tressider

Bertha Boisvert

The Santa Claus Express Committee

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